Tuesday, April 21, 2015

YouTube since April stops supporting older versions of iOS and Apple TV

On 20 April 2015 YouTube app will not work on devices Apple, released in 2012, and older versions. This is stated in an official statement Google.

Users of the iPhone and iPad operating system iOS 6 and below, as well as owners of Apple TV first and second generation, do not install new updates no longer be able to use the service YouTube.
"Since April 2015, we will discontinue support for older versions of applications YouTube. Devices that will be affected: some models produced in 2012 and earlier, including supporting Google TV, iOS, and televisions and record players Blu-Ray discs Sony / Panasonic".
Google explained its decision updating the YouTube Data API. Users of old gadgets such as the iPad first generation or iPhone 3G, the company recommends to use the sitem.youtube.com in your browser.
Google launched on old gadgets video in which different languages ​​is displayed: "YouTube app will be updated to a version that does not support this device. Learn more at youtube.com/devicesupport".