Saturday, September 27, 2014

Google plans to introduce new requirements for manufacturers of Android-devices

The Android operating system is free to use, but Google has put forward a number of device manufacturers of hardware and software requirements of nature, which must be met, so they can access services such search giant like Google Play, Gmail, YouTube and others. 
Google планирует ввести новые требования для производителей Android-устройств

According to new information, Google may soon require manufacturers pre-install on their new products 20 own applications. To date, a list of required to install the application includes programs such as the Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Search, and Calendar, and soon they may be joined Books, Music, Translation and others.
Google also wants to bar Google Search has been placed in a certain place, and on the desktop to be created folder with all applications of the company. In addition, you must have on all new devices, the latest version of the operating system Android, and upgrade to newer versions must be commenced within 18 months after the start of sales of vehicles. For the use of Google applications and services on their device manufacturers will have to pay a small amount.