Saturday, September 27, 2014

Race runner Asphalt Overdrive released on Windows Phone

Asphalt Overdrive, mobile racing runner, which we wrote a few days ago, was finally released on the Windows Phone. Previously, the project has already appeared on iOS and Android. Recall that Asphalt Overdrive is very different from the usual projects series Asphalt.If Asphalt 8 and earlier games are typical arcade racing, in the case of Asphalt Overdrive closest analogue to Subway Surfers or Temple Run 2. only place forever fleeing creatures are quickly occupied the racing cars.
Гоночный раннер Asphalt Overdrive вышел на Windows Phone

30 licensed cars, 7 types of missions, excellent graphics and good opportunities for tuning cars - it's all there in Asphalt Overdrive.