Friday, April 17, 2015

iOS 9: 8 features that we are waiting from the new operating system

Summer Apple will introduce a new mobile platform iOS 9. presentation will take place at a conference for developers WWDC 2015, which starts on June 8. Many are waiting for the annual event a new Apple product in the face of the ninth edition of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad. This is largely due to the fact that the development of the operating system manages the company's chief designer Jonathan Ive, have a major impact on the design of iOS. We can not say for sure what changes await us in iOS 9, however, we have compiled a list of the 8 functions, which would like to see in the new OS.

Demo versions of the applications

Due to the lack of demonstration versions of applications App Store spawned dominance frimium projects. Now developers are not so much looking for a way to expand the capabilities of their games and applications as coming up as "plant" user free application and lure money via in app purchase. IGadzhetov owners for many years waiting for full demo versions. It's no secret that today, many "honest" people do not buy new items because they do not know what they have to pay. With the trial version, sales in the App Store will be a lot more, and apparently some of the people go "on the side of good," ceased to use cracked software.

Flexible configuration control point
Presenting at WWDC 2013 update iOS 7, Apple revealed a new feature of the operating system - control point. Transparent matte panel called from anywhere in the OS, provides a quick access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, music, settings, and other frequently used functions. In iOS 9 may appear tools to configure through which control point can be made more convenient and personalized: add new switches and buttons, swap, remove unnecessary.

Applications "default"

Chrome browser available for iPhone and iPad for quite some time. But as soon as you try to open a link from an email or text message, you will be directed to the standard Safari. Apple should provide its users with a choice, allowing to open links in Google Chrome or Google Maps, and not only in Safari or their own maps.

File system

IOS continues to fully paradigm paradigm desktop platform OS X, in which users must run applications without worrying about the physical location of the content. What is document A? For the user, Android is a file that is stored on disk in the directory / abc. We are launching a file manager, find the desired file and then select the desired program. The concept of Apple users do not need to know about the file system, which causes some problems when you need to send or receive files. Of course, there are services such as iCloud Drive and Dropbox, but it is important to simplify the exchange of files between devices and applications themselves.

Interactive icons

In Cydia you can find a lot of interesting tweaks enjoyed by owners of jailbroken iPhone and iPad. One of these additions is an add Badger, which allows you to view incoming notifications directly from the home screen - without launching the application. Apple could implement this functionality at the level of the OS in the form of interactive apps icons.

The official client iCloud Drive

Said "A", say "B". Running last year service iCloud Drive - in fact, similar to Dropbox - Apple forgot to give users a complete mobile client. The company has released an application for Windows and integrated such in OS X Yosemite. Now, if the user iOS-devices will need to view the contents iCloud Drive, he will have to download a third-party solution. These have very limited functionality and are intended only to view files.

Improved text

Another new iOS 9 could touch by text. The operating system functions are present long-Keystone and copy / paste. However, not very successfully implemented and deliver a lot of inconvenience. These features are also in need of improvement.

Accounts for different users

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are purely personal devices, that is designed for use by one person. All settings, wallpaper, icons placement is available in iOS only in one embodiment.This severely limits the use of gadgets, though to a certain extent increases its sales: people buy devices in two or three instances - for each family member. iOS 9 could be implemented on a long-awaited dream of iDevices accounts.
And what do you expect from the new iOS 9?