Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Smart" watch Asus VivoWatch work to 10 days without recharging

Watches Pebble Time gathered at the site Kickstarter record $ 20.3 million. One of the reasons for this popularity was great battery life. Company Asus, has previously Android-watch ZenWatch , introduced a new model that promises up to 10 days without recharging. VivoWatch-6

VivoWatch have a stainless steel housing, protection from moisture and dust to standard IP67, heart rate monitor and the user can keep track of sleep. For long battery life gadget users have to pay a monochrome display that complements the color LED strip notifications. Software platform device is not yet known, but it will not Android Wear.
As the functionality of smart hours, VivoWatch can display a notification when receiving e-mails, text messages, calendar events, phone calls, etc.
When and at what price will be released this product is not yet known. It is from the latter point will largely depend on its popularity. We can assume that VivoWatch will cost less than ZenWatch ($ 200). All the details will be announced this week at an event Milan Design Week.